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Hello! I'm Ruben


Seasoned entrepreneur and passionate product leader with over 20 years of experience building global products at scale. Extensive experience with all aspects of SaaS, product management, growth, engineering and Agile practices. I have a strong drive to create high performing, cross-functional and autonomous product teams that laser-focus on customer problems to solve them. I also firmly believe in scaling businesses effectively through product led growth.

Golden Gate Bridge

Ruben Meiland

Product Executive, Entrepreneur, Investor, Advisor





Date of Birth:

April 10th, 1978


Chief Executive Officer


Leading Courses connects a growing community of golfers to a worldwide growing number of golf courses. For the golf courses this means more (national and international) reach and revenue, valuable insights (trends / reviews) and opportunities for digital and e-commerce solutions .


VP Product


As VP of Product at Eventbrite, I was responsible for shaping the future of all products that are geared towards empowering event creators throughout the world to be more successful. This included shaping, defining and executing on the vision, strategy and roadmap for each product line. I managed a large, globally distributed team of product professionals ranging from PM 1s to Directors and Group Product Managers, who I helped to grow, excel and develop their career.


Founder & Chief Product Officer

Ticketscript (acquired by Eventbrite)

Europe's leading multichannel ticketing platform offering a range of offline, web, mobile and social cloud-based ticket solutions. We enabled event organizers to sell over €100m of tickets annually and were named one of Deloitte's Technology Fast 50 businesses. Backed by FPE Capital and others, the business was successfully sold to Eventbrite (NYSE: EB) in 2017.


Stanford University

Leading Innovation

Do you have what it takes to inspire people to practice—rather than just talk about—innovation? Professor Bob Sutton digs into the differences between leading innovation and managing routine work, reviews the hallmarks of skilled leaders with a special focus on staying in tune with the people you lead. 



Growth Series + Advanced Growth Strategy

Reforge offers selective growth-focused programs for experienced professionals in marketing, product, data, and engineering. All programs are led by actual growth practitioners Brian Balfour (formerly VP of Growth @ HubSpot) and Andrew Chen (Growth @ Uber) and features top growth leaders from companies including Google, Dropbox, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Atlassian, Slack and others.


Stanford University

The Power of Stories to Fuel Innovation

A big idea is not enough. You need people to create it and people to buy into it. Your big idea needs a story. Stories fuel innovation. They hold the power to transform listeners; to take listeners on a journey that changes how they think, feel or act.

In the media
Product-led Growth

Product-led growth (PLG) is a business methodology in which user acquisition, expansion, conversion, and retention are all driven primarily by the product itself. It creates company-wide alignment across teams—from engineering to sales and marketing—around the product as the largest source of sustainable, scalable business growth.

International GTM

A go-to-market (GTM) strategy is a step-by-step plan created to successfully launch a product to market. A good GTM strategy generally identifies a target audience, includes a marketing plan, and outlines a sales strategy. While each product and market will be different, a GTM strategy should identify a market problem and position the product as a solution.

Scaling Products & Teams

I believe that at the core of companies or products that have scaled successfully are cross-functional teams that have ownership (and yes, that are happy).